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NetCrunch Starter Packs

NetCrunch is based on modules and you can combine any of them to work together. These products present typical use cases or starting points to configure your NetCrunch.


Monitoring Network Devices & Network Infrastructure & IoT Devices

NetCrunch for SNMP Devices

Monitor any SNMP device including routers, switches, and firewalls. Get all 8700+ pre-compiled MIBs with an MIB compiler and comprehensive alerting features. Supports SNMP v1,2c,3

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NetCrunch for Network Infrastructure

Monitor and map your network infrastructure with SNMP, regardless of your vendor solutions. Easily track bandwidth and traffic through flows (Netflow, NBAR, sFlow, etc.).

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Comprehensive IT Systems Monitoring

NetCrunch Performance Monitor

Complete package with SNMP, network services monitoring, logs, operating systems, virtualization, SQL databases, WMI, IPMI, Web, Cloud and much more

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NetCrunch Monitoring Suite

Scalable system for managing a large number of monitored elements. It scales on a single machine to monitor hundreds of thousands of metrics.

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NetCrunch Packs Comparison

Select the starter pack that best suits your needs or ask our sales. You can buy any combination of modules and add up more at any time later. No migration, no reinstallation needed.


NetCrunch Modules NetCrunch for SNMP Devices NetCrunch for Network Infrastructure NetCrunch Performance Monitor NetCrunch Monitoring Suite
NetCrunch Platform included included included included
SNMP & Core Monitoring included included included included
Layer 2 Visualization optional included optional included
Traffic Flow Analyzer optional included optional included
Logs, Servers, Virtualization & Application Monitoring optional optional included included
Hardware & Software Inventory for Windows optional optional optional included
Advanced Monitoring & Alerting optional optional optional included
Advanced Configuration optional optional optional included
Integration Services optional optional optional included


Add-Ons NetCrunch for SNMP Devices NetCrunch for Network Infrastructure NetCrunch Performance Monitor NetCrunch Monitoring Suite
Concurrent Remote Connections (CAL) 3 3 3 10
Remote Probes optional optional optional 1
IP Camera Sensors optional optional optional 3
Minimum Node/Interface license 25 50 25 50

Choose whatever modules you need and customize NetCrunch to suit your needs.

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