alexa Order NetCrunch, a powerful network monitoring platform.
Network Computing Award 2016

No extra modules,
no hidden costs.

NetCrunch runs on Windows Server, and comes with its own database server, so no additional hardware or license is needed.

Simple Licensing
per monitored node

Each NetCrunch Server comes with 5 remote access licenses or you can upgrade to unlimited option any time.

No risk of running out of licenses

as you add new types of monitoring on existing infrastructure.

No need for tracking monitored elements

which is especially hard in a today's dynamic, virtualized environment.

Easier budget planning

as you have a better handle on how many devices you need – instead of thinking in terms of probes or sensors.

NetCrunch License Packages

You can choose a permanent license or annual subscription. Each new license comes with 1 Year Maintenance Subscription.

NetCrunch does not impose any limits on elements. The numbers below are just for comparison.

  • NetCrunch 50Nodes

    equivalent of 1000 sensor elements

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  • NetCrunch 125Nodes

    it's comparable to 2,500 monitoring elements (sensors)

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  • NetCrunch 300Nodes

    it's comparable to 8,000 monitoring elements (sensors)

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  • NetCrunch 600Nodes

    it's comparable to over 10,000 monitoring elements (sensors)

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  • NetCrunch 1000Nodes

    it's comparable to over 20,000 monitoring elements (sensors)

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  • NetCrunch 2000Nodes

    it's comparable to over 50,000 monitoring elements (sensors)

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  • NetCrunch UnlimitedNodes

    no limit on monitoring nodes - single server instance can scale up to 1,000,000 monitored metrics

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  • NetCrunch CorporateLicense

    unlimited number of nodes - initiall package contains 5 server licenses per organization, licensed per server

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Purchasing Options

You can purchase directly or from a local partners.

Our partners offer competitive prices and additional services like consulting, on-site installation and training

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