NetCrunch Platform Module

Integration Services

Let NetCrunch integrate with various third-party services such as help desk and other productivity tools. The module also allows you to connect NetCrunch to other NMS if you need to.

@Integration Profiles

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IT is complex and consists of many different elements. As the system evolves, it is hard to rely on a single vendor. We understand that the best way is to connect services to make it work smoothly even when each part comes from a different vendor.

This trend becomes more important in cloud times, where we perceive computing as multiple dislocated services.

  • Top Features

    1. Two-way integrations that allow closing alert from an external system. Integrations supported and maintained by the program vendor
    2. Access NetCrunch SQL event database with ODBC driver
    3. Forwarding SNMP traps & syslog messages to another system. NetCrunch can create MIB that allows passing alerts to another NMS system
  • Integration Actions

    Each integration requires defining its profile, where usually, you need to add an API key/token for the external system.

    Notification Services

    This simple notification can send proper notification to the external system.

    Supported systems:

    • AlertOps
    • Amazon SNS
    • Asana
    • Campfire
    • Clickatell
    • ConnectWise┬«
    • Flowdock
    • Freshdesk
    • Freshservice
    • IFTTT
    • JIRA
    • JitBit
    • LiveAgent
    • MessageBird
    • Microsoft Teams
    • Mojo Helpdesk
    • MQTT
    • OpsGenie
    • PagerDuty
    • Pushover
    • Ryver
    • ServiceDesk Plus
    • Slack
    • SMSEagle
    • Trello
    • Twitter
    • Zendesk

    SMS Gateways

    • Clickatell
    • MessageBird
    • SMSEagle

    Two-way integrations

    Because these systems send data to NetCrunch, you have to create an API key for the integration to send a message back to NetCrunch. The URL to send data into NetCrunch will look as follows


    NetCrunch can accept messages from:

    • ConnectWise
    • Jira
    • JitBit
    • LiveAgent
    • OpsGenie
    • PagerDuty
  • SNMP Trap & Syslog Message Forwarding

    @SNMP Trap Forwarding

    NetCrunch allows you to forward all received traps and syslog messages to another monitoring program. It significantly reduces trap configuration hassle as you need to configure sending traps only to NetCrunch.

    The program also allows you to forward SNMPv3 notifications, but it requires a profile to be set first.

    You can enable this option in the program Tools > Options.

  • Access Event database with ODBC Driver

    NetCrunch offers an ODBC driver to access the SQL event database. Since NetCrunch works as the system process, you need to create the system DSN to access the database.

  • Exporting NetCrunch MIB

    @NetCrunch SNMP MIB

    NetCrunch sends SNMP trap as the response for an alert. In such a case, you might need MIB modules to let other NMS understand all alert parameters.

    This function is available from the top menu Settings > Monitoring > Export NetCrunch SNMP MIB.

    You have to export the MIB after adding any new alert definitions to NetCrunch.