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SNMP Monitoring with NetCrunch

NetCrunch is a complete solution for monitoring IT systems and its core functionality is built on SNMP. It supports all SNMP protocol versions, receives traps and notifications, and can also send and forward SNMP traps.

SNMP is everywhere

Although SNMP was created for network monitoring in the early '90s, today it can be used for monitoring anything today. It's lightweight, as it uses UDP protocol and it can be easily secured either with SNMPv3 encryption and authorization or by designating separate VLANs inside corporate networks.

It's hard to name all devices that support SNMP as almost every networking device supports it, including cameras, printers, and servers. You can also easily connect, monitor, and control any automation or industrial devices through hardware gateways.

NetCrunch straightforward approach to SNMP

SNMP lies in the NetCrunch core and does not need any additional sensors or modules (only SNMP profiles). You can use existing monitoring packs (sets of monitoring settings) or add parameters for monitoring from MIB library or by OID if you know one. With SNMP you can monitor switches, routers, servers, ups devices, racks, printers, lights, and even coffee machines...

Professional SNMP Implementation

SNMP v1, v2c, v3

NetCrunch supports all versions of SNMP protocols.

Our implementation has been tested on hundreds of thousands of devices in the last 20 years and adjusted even to handle quirks of specific devices.

SNMP Traps (v1,v2c)

NetCrunch handles traps of SNMP v1 and v2 and automatically decodes their content. It can also recognize traps v1 sent as v2 traps.

NetCrunch can also forward all traps to another SNMP manager which simplifies the configuration of SNMP agents.

Version 3 Trap Notifications & Informs Packets

SNMP v3 introduces a different mechanism of trap notifications and sending informs packets. Because of UDP protocol, traps can be lost. SNMP v3 allows sending and acknowledging Informs notification to ensure that alert has not been lost.

NetCrunch handles v3 trap notifications and acknowledges informs packets to the SNMP agent.

  • SNMP MIB compiler

    NetCrunch includes state of the art SNMP MIB compiler/importer for any new MIBs you might need

    You can add new MIBs to the NetCrunch MIB database using the SNMP MIB Compiler program.

    The compiler can be used remotely from a desktop console and can run from the Administration Console.

    @Mib Compiler

  • Extensive SNMP MIB database

    NetCrunch provides one of the largest precompiled MIBs collections. It offers 8700+ MIBs out of the box

    The database contains over 8700 modules from different vendors.

    Each MIB is available in the source code form and can be edited in the built-in editor.

    For example

    • 1250+ Cisco modules
    • 67 IBM ones
    • 79 Alcatel modules
    • 9 from F5 Labs
    • 400 from Huawei

    The overall database contains more than 500 vendor groups

    @Mib Compiler

  • SNMP Profiles

    Manage SNMP setting with profiles

    With NetCrunch you can easily manage monitoring of 10 devices and 10 thousands of device thanks to profiles and policy-based settings.

    Profiles can define settings for reading and writing operations and you can even mix SNMP versions used for both operations. For example, you might decide to read data with SNMPv2 as it's lighter for the agent and the manager and require SNMPv3 to bes used for set operations.

    @SNMP Profile

  • SNMP Monitoring Packs

    NetCrunch provides over 60+ ready-to-use SNMP monitoring packs. They include monitoring applications, systems, and hardware devices.

    NetCrunch Monitoring Packs allow for efficient management of monitoring settings. You can use them to create monitoring policies by setting node filters. They can be also assigned manually to the node (or multiple nodes using multiselection).

    NetCrunch contains over 80 out-of-the-box monitoring packs for SNMP.

    Please check all Monitoring Packs

  • SNMP out-of-the-box

    Many monitoring features are based on SNMP. Switch, traffic monitoring, application monitoring, SLA monitoring.

    SNMP monitoring is a NetCrunch foundation so it is seamlessly integrated into many NetCrunch parts.

    NetCrunch uses SNMP to monitor

    • Switch Traffic
    • Port Connections
    • IP SLA
    • Layer 2 Connections
    • Network Interface State

    Additionally, NetCrunch can use SNMP to monitor various systems and applications such as Linux, Solaris, IBM AIX, IBM AS/400, Cisco ADSL, APC, Dell EMC, Dell OpenManage, F5, HP Systems, NetApp, QNAP, Palo Alto Firewall, and many others.

  • SNMP Views

    Access and manage device data in a convenient way. You can also create new custom views.

    NetCrunch presents a unique concept of SNMP views. The views allow you to see or manage device data in an easy way.

    Views are automatically selecting pages available for a given device type (switch, printer or other devices),

    SNMP View Editor

    You can customize views or create new ones. SNMP data is often not in flat tables so it requires lookups similar to regular relational databases. SNMP views allow you to define complex lookups so data can be presented in a human-friendly way.

    @SNMP View

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NetCrunch is universal monitoring platform and every program edition includes complete SNMP features.

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