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20 Years Anniversary

For more than 20 years we have been delivering software to help people in managing ever-growing IT systems complexity

The company has been founded in 1998 and started with the successful development of software for Novell networks. The idea of NetCrunch was born on the plane somewhere over the Arizona desert during a conversation with an industry fellow. He complained about the lack of proper network monitoring tools. Several enterprise solutions were too expensive, and their implementation was a nightmare. Other solutions from smaller companies were not enough.

Twenty years later, the landscape hasn't changed much. You have to choose between products for beginners with a lack of scalability, partial solutions, or clunky behemoths that won't install within an hour.


Our Mission

We want monitoring software to be advanced but easy to use and capable to monitor thousands of devices. We've been always looking beyond traditional network device monitoring scope, so embracing IoT monitoring space seems natural to us.

We want to deliver a universal monitoring platform for multiple usage scenarios, wherever the monitoring target is and whatever it is.

We strive to build software that is powerful, scalable, and not requiring a Ph.D. to use.

Tomasz Kunicki CEO/Founder

Development Team

Our development office is located in Krakow, Poland. Apparently it is a good place, as some of our competitors have opened their offices almost next door. We work in a multinational team across the globe. Key developers that have started NetCrunch are still with the company.

How big is our software? It depends on how you count but it's millions of LOC, comparable to Linux kernel. We also run an on-site testing lab where we put devices from many vendors to ultimately verify them for compatibility.

Ela Mistachowicz VP Partners & Alliances

Customers & Partners

Our software helps customers in many countries and almost any industry. We monitor everything, from the devices at the bottom of the ocean to the ski lifts, university campuses, school networks, banks, and factories.

  • Customers Worldwide 7,000
  • Customer in Countries 89+
  • Local Partners 80+

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