Bandwidth Monitoring with NetCrunch

NetCrunch simplifies bandwidth monitoring by allowing you to easily track and check bandwidth usage in your network using technologies like SNMP, NetFlow, IPFix, sFlow, and jFlow.

Bandwidth Monitoring at Your Fingertips

Who's hogging the bandwidth?

You probably know the situation when users complain about a slow network, and you need to find the root of the problem quickly. So, is it an application, a server, or the network? This question can only be answered with proper insight into the network performance.

NetCrunch gives you an excellent view of your network so you can quickly determine which device should be blamed for the slowdown.

What's bandwidth monitoring?

Bandwidth monitoring is a method of measuring the actual bandwidth available on the network system. Bandwidth monitoring tools can display real-time data, such as download and upload speeds, and help counter network stress.

Depending on the network devices, you can shape the traffic by allocating separate bandwidth for the different traffic types. This requires more than just knowing the overall volume - you also need to know the traffic structure to plan accordingly.

Practically checking bandwidth usage

Essential bandwidth monitoring starts with monitoring traffic on the switch ports. This method gives you a good overview of volume but little information about the traffic structure.

To learn more, you can get an insight into bandwidth analysis with technologies such as NetFlow, jFlow, sFlow, or NBAR, where routers send flow packets showing the traffic structure, which reflects bandwidth usage.

  • Monitor Bandwidth
    with Traffic Flow Analytics

    Discover how you can monitor bandwidth utilization using traffic analyzer with NetFlow, sFlow, jFlow, and Cisco NBAR

    NetCrunch Traffic Analyzer is engineered to handle flow data from a variety of devices, including Cisco, ensuring comprehensive coverage. It supports a multitude of protocols such as IPFix, NetFlow v5/v9, jFlow, sFlow, netStream, cFlow, AppFlow, and rFlow. This versatility allows for seamless integration and detailed analysis across diverse network environments.

    Advanced Application Monitoring with NBARv2 Support

    Enhance your network insights with NetCrunch's support for NBARv2 application monitoring. This feature provides deep visibility into network traffic, allowing for precise identification and analysis of applications running on your network.

    Custom Application Definitions for Non-Cisco Devices

    For networks utilizing devices without Cisco NBAR support, NetCrunch offers the flexibility to create custom application definitions. This feature ensures that you can tailor the Flow Analyzer to meet the specific monitoring needs of any network, regardless of the device brand.

    Discover More with Traffic Flow Analyzer Module

    For an in-depth understanding of NetCrunch's capabilities in traffic flow analysis and bandwidth monitoring, explore our Traffic Flow Analyzer Module.

    Dive into detailed information and discover how this module can transform your network monitoring experience.

    NetCrunch's Traffic Flow Analytics empowers you with the tools to effectively monitor and manage your network bandwidth, ensuring optimal performance and enhanced network security.

  • Streamlined Traffic Monitoring
    with SNMP and RMON

    Tailored Monitoring with Extensive MIB Library

    NetCrunch boasts an impressive collection of over 8700 pre-compiled MIBs, covering a wide range of devices including switches, routers, and access points. This vast library allows for targeted monitoring of specific devices, enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of your network management.

    Hassle-Free MIB Customization

    The NetCrunch MIB compiler is designed for flexibility, enabling you to add new MIBs with ease.

    Should you encounter any difficulties, our dedicated team is ready to assist, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free customization process.

    Specialized Monitoring Packs

    RMON Traffic (SNMP)

    Get detailed insights with this pack, which provides comprehensive statistics for each Ethernet interface on devices capable of RMON traffic data provision. This focused approach allows for precise monitoring and analysis of network traffic.

    Network Traffic (SNMP) (Automatic)

    This pack automatically gathers essential traffic statistics and populates Top Charts for relevant devices. NetCrunch’s policy-based management system enables you to adapt this pack to your specific needs, or even create new ones tailored to your network’s unique requirements.

    NetCrunch's advanced SNMP and RMON monitoring capabilities ensure you have the necessary tools to effectively oversee and optimize your network traffic, providing a robust solution for maintaining peak network performance.

  • Automatic Layer 2 Mapping

    NetCrunch presents automatic layer 2 maps with traffic on each port

    NetCrunch’s Automatic Layer 2 Mapping is more than just a visualization tool; it’s an essential component for effective network management, providing clear insights and a strong foundation for decision-making.

    Effortless Network Visualization

    Discover the ease of network management with NetCrunch's Automatic Layer 2 Mapping. This powerful feature automatically generates a comprehensive visual map of your network's physical and logical connections. By visualizing the entire network infrastructure, NetCrunch helps you understand and manage the complex interplay of your network devices.

    Dynamic Updates for Real-Time Accuracy

    Stay up-to-date with the ever-changing landscape of your network. NetCrunch's Layer 2 Mapping dynamically updates to reflect real-time changes in your network topology. Whether it's new devices being added, or changes in connection paths, the mapping adjusts accordingly, ensuring you always have the most current view of your network.

    Deep Integration with SNMP

    Leveraging SNMP data, Automatic Layer 2 Mapping provides detailed insights into each connection and device. From switches and routers to individual ports, NetCrunch displays rich information, including device status, traffic levels, and more. This deep integration allows for effective troubleshooting and optimization of your network.

    Enhanced Network Troubleshooting

    Quickly identify and resolve network issues with NetCrunch’s intuitive Layer 2 maps. Pinpoint problem areas at a glance, such as overloaded links or malfunctioning devices, and take corrective actions promptly. This proactive approach minimizes downtime and ensures smooth network operations.

    @Current Traffic

  • Live Port Traffic Monitoring

    NetCrunch can monitor traffic on all switch ports and present it live if needed

    Experience the power of immediate visibility with NetCrunch's Live Port Traffic Monitoring. This feature enables you to monitor traffic on all switch ports in real-time, presenting a comprehensive and up-to-the-minute view of your network's performance.

    Interactive Topology Map for Quick Access

    Dive into the details of your network with just a click. By selecting a switch connection on the topology map, NetCrunch displays the live traffic flow for that specific connection. This interactive approach allows for quick and easy monitoring, helping you to stay on top of every change in your network traffic.

    Versatile Timeframe Analysis

    NetCrunch offers the flexibility to switch views between real-time traffic monitoring and trend charts for the last 24 hours, 7 days, or even 30 days. This versatility allows you to not only address immediate concerns but also analyze longer-term trends for strategic planning and network optimization.

    Enhanced Troubleshooting and Planning

    With Live Port Traffic Monitoring, you can swiftly identify traffic bottlenecks, detect anomalies, and understand usage patterns. This real-time data is invaluable for proactive troubleshooting, capacity planning, and ensuring optimal network performance.

    Seamless Integration with Layer 2 Mapping

    NetCrunch's Live Port Traffic Monitoring works hand-in-hand with our Layer 2 Mapping module. For a deeper understanding of how this integration enhances network visualization and management, explore more about Layer 2 Mapping.

    @Switch Port Traffic

    NetCrunch’s Live Port Traffic Monitoring equips you with the essential tools to keep your network running smoothly, ensuring that you can react swiftly to changing network conditions and maintain peak performance at all times.

  • Monitoring Bandwidth on Servers

    NetCrunch offers comprehensive monitoring solutions for all major operating systems, encompassing detailed network utilization tracking

    NetCrunch goes beyond the norm to provide extensive monitoring packs tailored for network utilization on a wide range of operating systems. This ensures you have thorough oversight regardless of your server's OS.

    Extensive OS Coverage for Unified Monitoring

    Our solution seamlessly integrates with all major operating systems, delivering consistent and reliable monitoring for:

    • Windows Capture detailed network data in familiar Windows environments.
    • Linux Leverage robust monitoring capabilities in various Linux distributions.
    • BSD Variants (FreeBSD, NetBSD) Get precise network insights on BSD-based systems.
    • Solaris Monitor network performance reliably on Solaris servers.
    • macOS Enjoy comprehensive network utilization tracking on macOS.

    In-Depth Network Utilization Metrics

    NetCrunch offers detailed monitoring of critical network parameters, ensuring you have a complete understanding of your server's network performance. Key metrics include:

    • Total Traffic Track the overall data flow through your network card.
    • Packet Count Monitor the number of received and sent packets for accurate traffic analysis.
    • Network Health Indicators Keep an eye on discards, errors, unicast packets, and unknown protocols to maintain network integrity and performance.
  • Predefined Top Chart Views
    for Bandwidth Monitoring

    NetCrunch automatically enables various bandwidth monitors and displays them in top charts

    NetCrunch takes the initiative in bandwidth monitoring, automatically tracking server and switch performance. This proactive approach ensures that critical charts and data are always ready and accessible, providing you with immediate insights into your network's bandwidth usage.

    Intuitive Data Aggregation for Device Groups

    Our system skillfully aggregates data across any group of devices you define in the Atlas. This includes numerous groups that NetCrunch automatically creates based on specific filtering conditions.

    This feature simplifies the process of monitoring different segments of your network, allowing you to focus on strategic analysis and decision-making.

    Comprehensive Top Chart Categories

    NetCrunch's predefined top charts are meticulously designed to cover key aspects of network bandwidth. These include:

    • Network Traffic (Switches and Routers) Get a clear view of the traffic flow through your network infrastructure, helping you identify usage patterns and potential bottlenecks.
    • Top Interfaces by Traffic This chart highlights the busiest interfaces in your network, allowing you to pinpoint areas that might require bandwidth optimization or capacity upgrades.
    • Network Traffic (Servers) Focus specifically on server traffic, providing a detailed understanding of how your servers are contributing to the overall network load.

    NetCrunch’s Predefined Top Chart Views offer a straightforward and efficient way to monitor bandwidth, ensuring you have the vital information needed to maintain optimal network performance and reliability.

NetCrunch bandwidth monitoring can save you time!

Let NetCrunch work for you and discover its unbeatable configuration speed and monitoring performance. NetCrunch can monitor as much as 100,000 network interfaces from a single monitoring server.

NetCrunch Modules

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NetCrunch is a beacon of innovation, seamlessly blending robust functionality with user-friendly design. Whether real-time analytics, customizable dashboards, or comprehensive coverage across your network, NetCrunch is the future of monitoring, available today.

Embrace the ease, the power, and the future – with NetCrunch, the last monitoring solution you'll ever need.

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