Application & Service Monitoring

Maximize efficiency and security with NetCrunch.

From Cloud and Web Monitoring to SSL Certificate, Database, and Windows Antivirus Monitoring, we help your digital operations run smoothly and securely.


Comprehensive Service Monitoring

  • Web Monitoring Ensure your website's optimal functionality and user experience.
  • Cloud Service Monitoring Keep a close eye on your cloud infrastructure's performance and uptime.
  • SSL Certificate Monitoring Protect your website's security with timely SSL certificate updates.
  • SQL Database Monitoring Monitor database health and performance for seamless data operations.
  • Windows Application Monitoring Monitor various applications such as databases, web servers or backups.
  • Web

    Web Monitoring with NetCrunch

    In the digital era, keeping a vigilant eye on your web services is crucial. NetCrunch offers a robust suite of sensors for comprehensive web monitoring, ensuring your online presence is always optimal and secure.

    Web Page Sensor

    • Realistic Rendering
      Our Web Page Sensor goes beyond basic checks. It simulates a web browser, loading resources and running scripts in real-world conditions. This is particularly effective for monitoring modern web pages and complex web applications.
    • Login Support
      With the capability to handle both standard and custom login forms, this sensor ensures no part of your page goes unchecked, offering a thorough monitoring experience.

    Basic HTTP/s Sensor

    • Request Analysis
      This sensor is your first line of defense, sending GET, HEAD, or POST requests to your web services. It stands guard, alerting you based on specific response codes or content mismatches.
    • Customization
      Tailor your monitoring strategy with custom headers and cookies, allowing a personalized approach to suit your unique web service needs.

    REST HTTP/s Sensor

    • Versatile Requests
      Our REST HTTP/s Sensor is designed for flexibility, capable of sending any HTTP request, including custom-configured ones.
    • Response Monitoring
      Stay informed with alerts based on response code or content, ensuring your API and web services meet expected standards.
    • Query Parameter Support
      Enhance your testing by quickly adding URL query parameters, making this sensor a versatile tool for comprehensive web service analysis.

    HTTP/s File Sensor

    • File Content Monitoring
      This sensor digs deeper, checking remote file content with precision, including authentication checks.
    • File Metrics
      Keep an eye on remote text logs, file size, change time, presence, and other critical metrics, offering a detailed overview of your file-based resources.

    With NetCrunch's sophisticated Web Monitoring sensors, rest assured that your web services are under constant, vigilant surveillance, ensuring performance, functionality, and security.

  • Cloud

    Cloud Service Monitoring with NetCrunch

    Effective monitoring of cloud services is essential for operational excellence in today's cloud-centric world. NetCrunch offers extensive monitoring solutions for major cloud platforms like Azure, AWS, and other cloud services, ensuring comprehensive oversight and enhanced performance.

    Azure Monitoring

    NetCrunch provides an array of sensors for in-depth Azure monitoring:

    • Azure API Management
      Keep track of your API management services for optimal performance.
    • Azure Cosmos DB
      Monitor your globally distributed, multi-model database service.
    • Azure Costs
      Stay on top of your Azure spending with detailed cost monitoring.
    • Azure Insight
      Gain deep insights into your Azure services' performance.
    • Azure Load Balancer
      Ensure high availability and network performance with load balancer monitoring.
    • Azure Logic Apps
      Track the performance of your Azure Logic Apps.
    • Azure Server Farm
      Oversee your server farms for consistent service delivery.
    • Azure Service Bus
      Monitor your messaging infrastructure for reliable communication.
    • Azure Storage Account
      Keep an eye on storage usage and performance.
    • Azure SQL DB
      Monitor your Azure SQL Database for optimal database health.
    • Azure Web Site
      Track the performance and health of your Azure-hosted websites.
    • Azure Kubernetes Cluster
      Oversee your Azure Kubernetes environments for efficient container orchestration.

    AWS Monitoring

    NetCrunch's AWS monitoring sensors include:

    • AWS Alarm
      Stay alerted on any issues with AWS Alarm integration.
    • AWS Auto Scaling
      Monitor your auto-scaling environments for optimal resource utilization.
    • AWS Cost
      Keep your AWS costs in check with detailed monitoring.
    • AWS EBS
      Ensure the health and performance of your Elastic Block Store (EBS) volumes.
    • AWS EC2
      Track the performance of your EC2 instances.
    • AWS ElastiCache
      Monitor your in-memory cache environments.
    • AWS ELB
      Keep tabs on your Elastic Load Balancing for high availability.
    • AWS SQS
      Monitor your Simple Queue Service for effective message queuing.

    Monitoring Other Cloud Services

    Beyond Azure and AWS, NetCrunch extends its monitoring capabilities to various cloud-based services:

    • Cloud Drives
      Monitor popular cloud storage services for availability and performance.
    • Zoom
      Ensure the reliability of your Zoom meetings and services.
    • Microsoft 365 Service
      Track the performance and availability of your Microsoft 365 suite.
    • Google Analytics
      Monitor your Google Analytics for real-time website data.
    • PingDom
      Integrate with PingDom for external site monitoring.
    • GitLab
      Keep an eye on your GitLab repositories and CI/CD pipelines.

    NetCrunch's Cloud Service Monitoring provides a 360-degree view of your cloud infrastructure, delivering real-time insights and alerts to ensure maximum uptime and efficiency across your cloud ecosystem.

    To learn more, please refer to the documentation on Cloud Monitoring.

  • SSL

    SSL Certificate Monitoring with NetCrunch

    In the digital age, ensuring the security and integrity of SSL/TLS certificates is critical for maintaining trust and security in online transactions and communications. NetCrunch offers a dedicated SSL Certificate Sensor that comprehensively monitors any SSL/TLS protocol, including HTTPS, FTPS, and SSH.

    SSL Certificate Sensor

    NetCrunch's SSL Certificate Sensor is designed to alert administrators about a range of potential issues and changes related to SSL/TLS certificates, ensuring your digital assets remain secure and compliant:

    • Connection Error
      Alerts when the sensor encounters issues connecting to the server.
    • Certificate Expired
      Notifies when a certificate has expired, preventing security lapses.
    • Certificate is about to Expire
      Proactive alerts for upcoming certificate expirations, allowing for timely renewals.
    • Certificate Changed
      Detects and alerts on any changes made to a certificate, ensuring no unauthorized modifications.
    • Certificate has been Revoked
      Alerts if the certificate has been revoked, indicating potential security issues.
    • Weak Public Key
      Warns of certificates with weak public keys, which could be vulnerable to attacks.
    • Certificate Authority Invalid
      Notifies if the certificate is issued by an untrusted or invalid certificate authority.

    Performance and Compliance Monitoring

    In addition to these alerts, the SSL Certificate Sensor also monitors various performance and compliance metrics:

    • Response Time
      Measures the time taken to establish a connection, which is essential for assessing the performance of secure communication.
    • Check Time
      Monitors the time taken for the certificate check itself, ensuring efficient monitoring.
    • Days Until Certificate Expires
      Provides a countdown of the remaining days until a certificate expires, crucial for compliance and uninterrupted service.

    With NetCrunch's SSL Certificate Sensor, organizations can ensure their SSL/TLS certificates are continuously monitored for various security aspects, performance, and compliance requirements.

    This level of monitoring is crucial for maintaining the integrity and trustworthiness of your digital communication channels.

  • SQL

    SQL Database Monitoring

    Efficient monitoring of SQL databases is crucial in the data-driven world. NetCrunch offers specialized sensors for popular SQL databases. These sensors measure connectivity, query execution, and result data for comprehensive insights. NetCrunch supports Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, and ODBC. Choose NetCrunch for high performance and reliability in monitoring your databases.

    SQL Query:Object Sensor

    The SQL Query:Object Sensor within NetCrunch's database monitoring suite is a powerful tool, offering advanced capabilities for detailed database analysis:

    • Single Row Query Execution
      This feature enables the execution of queries that return a single row, making it ideal for retrieving specific data or performing status checks on your databases.
    • Connectivity and Authentication Checks
      Utilize an empty query to confirm database connectivity and authentication. This ensures that your databases are not only accessible but also secure, maintaining the integrity of your data infrastructure.

    SQL Query:Data Sensor

    Expanding the monitoring capabilities, the SQL Query:Data Sensor is specifically designed to handle more complex queries:

    • Multi-Row Query Execution
      Capable of handling queries that return multiple rows, this sensor provides a comprehensive overview of your database's data landscape.
    • Column-Based Metrics
      This feature allows using columns as a source for metrics, enabling in-depth analysis and performance monitoring of your databases.
    • Threshold Alerts and Reporting
      Customize threshold alerts based on the metrics obtained and utilize the data for detailed reporting and analysis, ensuring proactive database management.

    NetCrunch's SQL Database Monitoring tools are essential for businesses relying on SQL databases, offering a detailed, real-time view of database health and performance. With support for major SQL databases and advanced monitoring capabilities, NetCrunch empowers administrators to maintain optimal database operations, ensuring data integrity and efficiency.

  • Windows

    Windows Application Monitoring with NetCrunch

    NetCrunch offers a comprehensive solution for monitoring a wide array of critical Windows applications and services, ensuring seamless performance and robust security across your IT infrastructure.

    Our monitoring capabilities extend to a variety of essential Windows applications and services:

    • Backup Solutions
      Keep an eye on your backup processes, including popular solutions like Veeam and Veritas, ensuring data safety and recovery readiness.
    • SQL Server
      Monitor the performance and health of your SQL Server databases for optimal data management and query performance.
    • Active Directory (AD)
      Ensure the reliability and efficiency of your AD services, which are crucial for managing user identities and permissions.
    • DHCP Server
      Oversee your Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol services for consistent network configuration and IP address allocation.
    • RDP Service & Terminal Services
      Monitor your Remote Desktop Protocol and Terminal Services for secure and seamless remote access.
    • IIS
      Keep track of your Internet Information Services, ensuring robust web server performance and uptime.
    • MS Dynamics
      Oversee your Microsoft Dynamics applications for enhanced business management and CRM activities.
    • SharePoint
      Monitor your SharePoint instances for collaboration efficiency and site reliability.
    • Exchange
      Ensure the smooth running of your Exchange servers, which is crucial for uninterrupted email communication and collaboration.

    In addition to these services, NetCrunch can monitor any application accessible via Performance Monitor (perfmon) or Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), providing extensive versatility in application monitoring.

    For antivirus security, NetCrunch includes monitoring packs to check the operational status of about 40 antivirus products, including well-known software such as ESET, AVG, McAfee, and Symantec. These monitoring packs ensure your antivirus software runs as expected, providing essential system protection.

    With NetCrunch's Windows Application Monitoring, you are empowered with a robust toolset to maintain your Windows-based applications and services' health, performance, and security, creating a reliable and efficient IT ecosystem.