Network Device Monitoring

NetCrunch delivers a focused and efficient approach to real-time network monitoring, ensuring optimal performance and enhanced security for your network's diverse components and traffic.


NetCrunch Network Monitoring

Welcome to NetCrunch Network Monitoring, a comprehensive solution designed to simplify and enhance the monitoring of modern network infrastructures. NetCrunch offers a robust suite of tools and features that cater to the diverse needs of network administrators and IT professionals.

Key Features of NetCrunch Network Monitoring

  • Real TimeReal-Time Monitoring NetCrunch provides live insights into your network's performance, ensuring immediate detection of issues and potential threats.

  • CompatibilityWide Compatibility With support for numerous device types and manufacturers, NetCrunch ensures seamless integration across various network environments.

  • UIIntuitive Interface Designed with user experience in mind, NetCrunch offers an easy-to-navigate real-time interface, making network - management more efficient and less time-consuming.

  • AlertsCustomizable Alerts Tailor alerts to your specific needs, ensuring that you're informed of critical issues as they arise.

Whether managing complex corporate networks or smaller, specialized setups, NetCrunch Network Monitoring delivers the reliability, scalability, and flexibility required to keep your network running smoothly and securely.

Dive into our feature sections to explore how NetCrunch can transform your network monitoring and management experience.

  • Switch Monitoring

    Monitor the health and performance of network switches. Get real-time insights into switch status, port speeds, and error rates to ensure optimal network functioning.

    Interface, Performance, and Temperature Metrics

    Track interface status, port speeds, bandwidth usage, error rates, and real-time switch temperature.

    SNMP and Port Management

    Utilize SNMP for detailed device data and manage individual switch ports efficiently.

    Switch Monitoring in NetCrunch provides real-time visibility and control, ensuring optimal performance and reliability for your network's critical switch infrastructure.

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    VLAN and Network Topology

    Monitor VLAN segments and visualize network topology for better resource allocation and connectivity.

    Alerts & Historical Reporting

    Receive instant alerts for issues and access historical data for informed network management decisions. Ensure robust and reliable network operations with NetCrunch's comprehensive switch monitoring tools.

  • Diverse Device Monitoring

    NetCrunch Network Monitoring excels in monitoring diverse network devices, offering 150+ profiles and 8000+ MIBs for thorough network infrastructure coverage.

    Key Device Categories Monitored by NetCrunch

    • Firewalls Including but not limited to brands like Palo Alto and Fortigate, for robust security and traffic monitoring,
    • Routers Covering a variety of brands, ensuring optimal performance and uptime monitoring, NetCrunch supports technologies such as IPSLA or NQA and provides automatic routing maps
    • Storage Devices Such as NetApp, with detailed insights into disk utilization and I/O performance,
    • Environmental Sensors Tracking conditions like temperature and humidity in data centers,
    • IoT Devices Ensuring the smooth operation of connected IoT infrastructure,
    • UPS Devices Specifically APC UPS systems, for power supply and backup monitoring,
    • Other SNMP-enabled Devices With extensive SNMP support, NetCrunch can monitor virtually any device that supports SNMP, regardless of its specific category or brand.

    This broad monitoring capability, encompassing diverse device types, makes NetCrunch a versatile and robust solution for managing modern, heterogeneous network environments.


  • Bandwidth Monitoring

    Experience comprehensive bandwidth monitoring with NetCrunch to optimize network performance and resource utilization.

    Bandwidth Usage on Switch Interfaces

    Monitor bandwidth usage in real-time on each switch interface. This feature helps identify traffic patterns and manage network loads effectively.

    Device-Level Bandwidth Mapping

    NetCrunch goes beyond traditional interface monitoring by mapping bandwidth usage to specific devices. This advanced approach allows for more precise network resource management and troubleshooting.

    By leveraging these capabilities, NetCrunch provides a powerful solution for managing and optimizing network bandwidth, ensuring efficient and reliable network operations.

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  • Flow Monitoring

    NetCrunch's Flow Monitoring enhances network performance and security through a streamlined approach to traffic flow analysis. It offers a low-footprint solution focusing on key insights without extensive data collection.

    Streamlined Traffic Analysis

    Real-Time Traffic Patterns

    • Monitor network traffic flows in real-time to understand essential traffic patterns.
    • Identify top talkers, predominant protocols, and application traffic for effective bandwidth management.

    Flow Trends and Alerts

    • Set alerts or data collectors on specific metrics to observe flow trends.
    • Receive timely notifications for significant changes, aiding in quick response and effective traffic management.

    Enhanced Monitoring Features

    • Cisco NBAR Support Integrate with Cisco's Network-Based Application Recognition (NBAR) for advanced application visibility.
    • Custom Application Definitions Define custom applications for targeted monitoring, tailoring the tool to your specific network needs.

    With its support for Cisco NBAR and custom application definitions, NetCrunch's Flow Monitoring is a versatile and efficient tool for networks seeking focused and effective traffic analysis.

    Simplified and Efficient Monitoring

    • A simplified approach to flow monitoring, focusing on crucial information while maintaining system efficiency.
    • Ideal for networks that require straightforward monitoring with minimal system impact.

    Protocol Compatibility

    • Supports major flow protocols, including NetFlow, sFlow, jFlow, and IPFIX.
    • Broad compatibility ensures comprehensive monitoring across diverse network environments.
  • Config Monitoring

    NetCrunch Network Monitor's Config Monitoring feature offers advanced capabilities for network management and compliance:

    1. Configuration Collection and Storage: It efficiently gathers and retains configurations of various network devices.

    2. Version Comparison: Facilitates comparisons between any two configuration versions, aiding in change management and troubleshooting.

    3. Change Notifications: Alerts administrators to configuration changes, ensuring timely awareness and response.

    4. Extensive Device Support: With over 150 pre-configured device profiles, it covers a wide range of network equipment.

    5. Foundation on Oxidized Project: Ensuring robustness and reliability, it builds upon the well-tested Oxidized project.

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    This combination of features makes NetCrunch an ideal solution for comprehensive network configuration monitoring and management, catering to a broad spectrum of network devices and requirements.

    Custom Profile Creation

    Uniquely, NetCrunch allows for the creation of custom device profiles using YAML, enhancing its adaptability to diverse network environments without complex coding. Custom Profile

  • Cisco Monitoring

    NetCrunch offers specialized monitoring tailored for Cisco devices. This feature provides enhanced performance analysis for routers, switches, and firewalls from Cisco, enabling administrators to manage and optimize Cisco network infrastructure effectively. Key Cisco technologies supported by NetCrunch include:

    • NBAR v2 (Network-Based Application Recognition) for advanced application-level traffic analysis and identification,
    • NetFlow utilized for network traffic analysis, helping in understanding bandwidth usage and traffic patterns,
    • IPSLA (IP Service Level Agreements) For measuring network performance and health metrics,
    • CDP (Cisco Discovery Protocol) Assists in discovering and mapping Cisco network devices,
    • SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) Primarily RFCs defined by Cisco, vital for general network management and monitoring.

    For comprehensive details on this feature, please refer to the Cisco Monitoring.

    Cisco Monitoring