NetCrunch for Network Infrastructure


Monitor and map your network infrastructure with SNMP regardless of your vendor solutions. Easily track bandwidth and traffic through flows (Netflow, NBAR, sFlow, and other flow protocols supported).

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NetCrunch is integrated platform built on a premise of modularity. Everything works together and can be enabled/added at any time. You can add more nodes/interfaces or another module when you need it or when your budget is ready.

  • NetCrunch Platform

    • The Atlas - flexible network database
    • Custom Views, Dashboards and Top Charts
    • Monitoring Dependencies
    • Graphical and intelligent maps
    • GrafCrunch and Grafana plugin
    • Active Alerts view
    • Alert Escalation
    • 35+ Alerting Actions including remote execution
    • Alert Correlation
    • Desktop, Web, and mobile consoles

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  • SNMP & Core Monitoring

    • 70+ Network Services
    • Monitoring custom network services
    • SNMP v1,v2c and full v3 support
    • 8700+ pre-compiled MIBs with sources
    • 500+ Vendors supported
    • 60+ SNMP Monitoring Packs
    • Customizable Device SNMP Views
    • Switch Monitoring & Port Mapping
    • Printer Monitoring
    • MIB compiler
    • Cisco IPSLA monitor
    • SNMP Traps & Notifications

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  • Logs, Servers, Virtualization, and Application Monitoring

    • Server Monitoring with OS Performance Monitors for Windows, Linux, Mac OS, BSD, FreeBSD, Solaris
    • SQL Sensors (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB, ODBC)
    • Log Monitoring (Windows, Apache, Log4J, Text logs in custom format)
    • Syslog Server
    • VMware ESXi, vCenter, and Hyper-V monitoring
    • IPMI Sensors (for Dell, HP, IBM, and generic)
    • Web & HTTP/REST Sensors
    • Over 250+ monitor types including protocols, monitoring packs, and advanced sensors
    • Monitoring Packs for popular applications (e.g., Exchange, SQL)
    • 16 WMI Sensors
    • 70 Application Sensors

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  • Hardware and Software Inventory for Windows

    • Hardware & Software Inventory
    • Windows Performance Monitor
    • Windows Event Log Monitor
    • Monitoring Packs for popular Windows applications (Exchange, SQL, Antivirus)
    • 16 WMI Sensors

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  • Layer 2 Visualization

    • Layer 2 topology mapping
    • Automatic Routing Map
    • Monitoring Switch traffic
    • Switch Traffic visualization and reporting
    • VLAN support

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  • Traffic Flow Analyzer

    • Flow Analyzer
    • Visualize traffic for any custom view
    • Supports for IPFix, NetFlow (v5 & v9), sFlow, JFlow, netStream, cFlow, AppFlow, and rFlow
    • Cisco NBAR application monitoring
    • Custom application monitoring

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  • Integration Services

    • SNMP Trap & Syslog forwarding
    • Export NetCrunch MIB to integrate with other NMS via SNMP
    • 25+ Help Desk & Productivity Apps integrations (Zendesk, Trello, ConnectWise...)
    • ODBC Driver to access event data
    • Performance Trend Exporter (automatic)

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  • Advanced Monitoring and Alerting

    • Advanced Alerting Conditions
    • Business Status Nodes
    • Advanced Thresholds with Baselines

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  • Advanced Configuration

    • Multi-user management
    • Organizational Groups
    • Custom Monitoring Policies
    • Monitoring Templates
    • Dynamic Folders

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  • Add-ons

    • IP Camera sensor
    • Remote Probe
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    Optional Modules

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NetCrunch Licensing

NetCrunch is licensed per-node or per-interface, depending on which of the two numbers is greater.
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