NetCrunch Release Notes

Since version 11

  • 15 Releases
  • 195 Fixes
  • 189 Features


Version 12.1.1

(July 23, 2022)

3 Fixes
  • critical Large Event Database could not be imported to version 12
  • critical Can't add anything to business status node
  • critical In certain condition console could crash on start

Version 12.1.0

(July 07, 2022)

21 Features

29 Fixes
New Features & Improvements
  • Active Alerts view is customizable now [MD0017]

  • Atlas View Status you can enable the displaying of status for any Atlas view, including IP Networks

  • Customizable Physical Segments you can customize the layout of the physical segments' map

  • Customizable Views in Node Tab You can customize and store node views

  • Graphical Editor popup menu on the mouse right-click shows available options

  • IP Tools 'Timeout' and 'Try Count' options were added to SNMP scanner

  • Live Interface Status allows copying MAC address to the clipboard

  • Monitoring Pack - Meinberg LANTIME (SNMP)

  • Monitoring Pack - Atlantis ILIO (SNMP)

  • Monitoring Pack - Kentix

  • Monitoring Pack - Ruckus SmartZone (SNMP)

  • Monitoring Pack - Ruckus ZoneDirector (SNMP)

  • Monitoring Pack - Stormshield (SNMP)

  • Node Icon widget has new options: clear/light text & clear/dark text

  • Node Tiles View Allows sorting

  • Password resetting issues were fixed

  • Revamped Network Services Status The window shows status, response time and availability for each service

  • SNMP config file SNMP engine parameters can be customized using `engine.cfg.yaml`

  • Settings Menu - All settings are available from NetCrunch menu now

  • Shape shadow new options allow to change the color and to center it

  • Status Dashboard Sections of Active Alerts and Monitoring Issues are leading to relevant views

  • major After creating new Atlas some features were not available until console restart
  • major Sometimes report generator was not closed, which could lead to system resource exhaustion
  • major Microsoft 365 Service sensor was not working due to Microsoft API change [MD0018]
  • major Unable to install program when no Internet connection [JK0001]
  • major The scanner might hang when rescanning Local networks
  • major 'Check Now' option was not working properly when a node was monitored by the probe
  • major Service monitoring using SSL not working properly when monitored by the probe
  • major SNMP Views fields were missing when trying to edit data
  • major Flow Collector service not started after installation
  • major Various upgrade issues
  • major Scanning public address IP range was not working [TG0014]
  • major SNMP Views editor has been replaced with a new YAML-based definition editor
  • major Various UX issues
  • major Backup could be incomplete. Missing SNMP Views, custom device profiles and custom pictures
  • major Using a SNMP profile with a context could cause SNMP errors on other nodes
  • major Sending retry packets was not working properly for SNMPv3
  • major Search in web console was sometimes returning partial results
  • major IP Networks custom maps not converted during an upgrade
  • major Some views in SNMP Views could not be edited
  • major Various licensing issues
  • minor Drag&drop operation might not work in Monitoring Dependencies view
  • minor Dragging dashboard tiles was not working properly
  • minor Adding folders to Atlas Status dashboard was not possible
  • minor Desktop console stability issues
  • minor Search node by MAC address was not working
  • minor Search not available when any Server Task was running at the same time
  • minor Ordering in Atlas Tree not working properly
  • minor Changing name of newly created custom folder/view in SNMP Views Editor was not working
  • minor Deleted node was not removed from the Recent list in the Search field


Version 12.0.2

(May 24, 2022)

2 Fixes
  • critical Interface monitoring could stop working after upgrade due XML format errors in snmppp.cnt
  • major Program couldn't' find the licence from previous version

Version 12.0.1

(May 19, 2022)

143 Features

6 Fixes
New Features & Improvements
  • AWS Alarm Sensor allows keeping track of most important AWS alarms, and extends monitoring to warn about states like insufficient data

  • AWS Auto Scaling Sensor tracks changes within Auto Scaling Group and observe multiple states of group instances

  • AWS Cost Sensor monitors the use of budgets and estimated cost of using AWS services

  • AWS EBS Sensor monitors EBS in terms of performance and resources used by a single EBS instance

  • AWS EC2 Sensor monitors the network load, disk usage, and CPU utilization for each available EC2 instance resources

  • AWS ELB Sensor allows monitoring the health of user's applications and their performance in real-time

  • AWS ElastiCache Sensor offers insight into ElastiCache performance allowing settings triggers to take corrective action before performance issues occur

  • AWS SQS Sensor monitors performance and workload parameters to avoid queue overload and spot large number of empty receives

  • Audit Log/Activity saves the configuration activity of users in a separate encrypted database

  • Azure API Management Services Sensor provides information on API metrics, such as Requests and Utilization to ensure its optimal performance

  • Azure CosmosDB Sensor monitors service availability and alerts user when availability drops

  • Azure Cost Sensor monitors the use of budgets and estimated cost of using Azure resources

  • Azure Insights Components Resource Sensor monitors user's live applications by detecting performance anomalies along with providing analytics tools

  • Azure Kubernetes Cluster Sensor allows collecting metrics for the managed Cluster notifying user e.g. when allocable memory is running out

  • Azure Load Balancer Sensor helps to evenly distribute loads (incoming network traffic) across a group of backend resources or servers

  • Azure Logic Apps Sensor allows you to monitor performance and behavior of the Microsoft Cloud technology called Azure Logic Apps

  • Azure SQL DB Sensor allows monitoring performance and behavior of the databases managed in Azure SQL DB

  • Azure Server Farm Sensor monitors Azure Server Farm resource, using Azure Monitor metrics

  • Azure Service Bus Sensor allows monitoring the metrics of the cloud apps connected to the Service Bus namespace.

  • Azure Storage Account Sensor detects potential service problems, monitors cost-related service usage, and observes key parameters of the service

  • Azure Website Sensor monitors the usage and performance of the web applications that are deployed to the cloud with Azure Web Apps.

  • Cloud Service Node allows monitoring of a single cloud service (Azure, Amazon AWS, Google, and other services)

  • Dark mode implemented in a lot of windows like status, top charts, alerts, and nodes

  • Device Config Management allows adding custom profiles in YAML along with a built-in editor

  • Device Config Management allows monitoring and storing configuration changes for a variety of devices such as switches, routers, firewalls, and other

  • Device Config Sensor allows monitoring and backup of device configuration using Telnet or SSH protocol

  • Eltek (SNMP) checks battery, fan, and rectifier as well as gathers information about voltage, current, and temperature.

  • Export Trends & Events allows exporting trends and events from NetCrunch using the NCCLI command-line utility

  • Extended Discovery Exclusions allows setting exclusions for given address space and specifying exclusions by e.g. IP address

  • GUDE Expert PDU Energy 8341-Series (SNMP) informs about environmental issues like possible condensation or temperature/humidity fluctuations

  • Gitlab Cloud Sensor monitors the status of the latest build/job on a specific project in GitLab cloud repository

  • Google Analytics Metrics Sensor monitors several metrics of a Google Analytics view using the Google Analytics Reporting API v4 and OAuth2

  • Google Analytics Users and Sessions Sensor measures metrics related to users and sessions based Google Analytics Dashboard

  • Google Drive Sensor monitors a Google Drive free storage and trash size using the Google API and OAuth2

  • GrafCrunch upgraded to Grafana based on version 7.x

  • Graphical Views are fully interactive and come with a new modern editor available in Desktop and Web Console

  • HPE 3PAR StoreServ Sensor monitors state and utilization statistics of the storage objects

  • Hardware View (Windows nodes) shows data from Windows machines such as the amount of memory, number/kind of CPUs, and storage information

  • Hillstone Firewall (SNMP) monitors multiple metrics from Hillstone Firewall e.g. IPSec attacks count, online users, dropped packets.

  • Hillstone Firewall - System (SNMP) alarms if something is wrong with HA, fan, or power supply, informs about memory, CPU, and active sessions usage

  • Improved Access Profile management is no longer limited to 64 profiles

  • Improved Active Alerts view provides Alert source column now

  • Improved Automated Full Screen Views and moved to web console

  • Improved Event Details window displays all types of operations related to a given alert

  • Improved Event Details window visualizes precisely all kinds of thresholds

  • Improved Trend Viewer - a new version allows using more types of charts and provides user with additional options to display min, max, and avg lines

  • Interactive Graph Widgets - update automatically (according to data time interval). Users can easily open trend viewer or given node menu

  • Interactive Widgets - all of the widgets are interactive and allow easily drilling down for the root cause analysis

  • Interface Monitoring Remote Probe supports SNMP and interface monitoring now

  • Limit Threshold collects values over a given period of time and notifies user if the limit is exceeded

  • Microsoft 365 Service Status Sensor monitors the state of Microsoft 365 services and alerts you if some services are in a degraded or interrupted state

  • Microsoft Cloud Applications- OneDrive Sensor monitors OneDrive storage usage using OneDrive API, and OAuth2 for authorization

  • Monitoring Dependencies Manager allows to easily review all monitoring dependencies

  • Monitoring Dependencies Manager enables dragging & dropping of its elements

  • Monitoring Dependencies Manager supports probes and remote address spaces

  • Monitoring Dependency is now possible to be rescanned

  • Monitoring Pack - APC ATS (SNMP) monitors Input/Output frequency, voltage, current, and power. Alerts when there are problems with the power supply.

  • Monitoring Pack - APC NetBotz Rack Monitor (SNMP) informs when any of multiple events occur, like smoke detection, temperature too high, and others.

  • Monitoring Pack - AVG Antivirus

  • Monitoring Pack - AVG Internet Security

  • Monitoring Pack - Adaware Antivirus

  • Monitoring Pack - Adaware Total Security

  • Monitoring Pack - Asustor Disk (SNMP) monitors free space and disk temperature

  • Monitoring Pack - Asustor System (SNMP) checks processor and memory utilization. Gathers information about system and CPU temperature, fan, and network

  • Monitoring Pack - Asustor UPS (SNMP) monitors battery status, charge level, and voltage

  • Monitoring Pack - Avast Premium Security

  • Monitoring Pack - Axis Video (SNMP) alerts about failures and other undesirable events. Monitors also temperature.

  • Monitoring Pack - BitDefender

  • Monitoring Pack - BitDefender Parental Control

  • Monitoring Pack - BullGuard Antivirus

  • Monitoring Pack - BullGuard Internet Security

  • Monitoring Pack - BullGuard Premium Protection

  • Monitoring Pack - Carel (SNMP) monitors multiple metrics (e.g. temperatures, fans, humidity) and alarms when something is wrong.

  • Monitoring Pack - Cisco UCS - PSU and Fan (SNMP) checks fan, fan module, and PSU statuses

  • Monitoring Pack - Citrix Netscaler (SNMP) alerts if CPU/Memory usage is too high or there are too many server/client connections.

  • Monitoring Pack - Comodo Antivirus and Internet Security

  • Monitoring Pack - Comodo Endpoint Protection

  • Monitoring Pack - ESET

  • Monitoring Pack - Exchange 2016 monitors key Windows services and performance counters of the Mailbox multi-role server

  • Monitoring Pack - F-Secure

  • Monitoring Pack - G Data Antivirus

  • Monitoring Pack - G Data Internet Security

  • Monitoring Pack - G Data Total Security

  • Monitoring Pack - Janitza monitors measurements of voltage, current and frequency, gathers data like active/reactive energy, real/reactive power

  • Monitoring Pack - Kaspersky Endpoint Security

  • Monitoring Pack - Kaspersky Home Products

  • Monitoring Pack - Kaspersky Security Center

  • Monitoring Pack - Kaspersky Small Office Security

  • Monitoring Pack - Linux - CPU (SNMP) monitors CPU load.

  • Monitoring Pack - Linux - Disk (SNMP) monitors disk utilization, swap available, volume free space, and physical disk I/O operations

  • Monitoring Pack - Linux - Memory (SNMP) monitors system memory utilization.

  • Monitoring Pack - Malwarebytes

  • Monitoring Pack - McAfee Total Protection

  • Monitoring Pack - Nasuni Filer - Statistics (SNMP) monitors transmitted and received bits/second, cache, and number of connected clients

  • Monitoring Pack - Nasuni Filer - System Health (SNMP) monitors updates, license usage, temperature, errors from Power Supply, and RAID

  • Monitoring Pack - Nasuni Filer - Volume (SNMP) informs about antivirus policy violations and state. Monitors also Volume state

  • Monitoring Pack - Norton

  • Monitoring Pack - Panda Dome

  • Monitoring Pack - Pingdom

  • Monitoring Pack - Ruckus - System Health (SNMP) alerts when memory usage or CPU utilization is high. Informs when services are disabled

  • Monitoring Pack - Socomec Modulys UPS (SNMP) informs about environmental, battery, and UPS issues. Monitors also Input and Output phases.

  • Monitoring Pack - Socomec UPS (SNMP) gathers data about Input/Output Current, Frequency, Voltage. Informs about battery problems.

  • Monitoring Pack - Sophos Endpoint Protection

  • Monitoring Pack - Sophos Home

  • Monitoring Pack - Trend Micro

  • Monitoring Pack - Tycon monitors voltages and currents on 4 on-board relays, the internal and external temperature of the device

  • Monitoring Pack - VIPRE

  • Monitoring Pack - Veritas Backup Exec Agent monitors key Veritas Backup Exec Agent Windows Services.

  • Monitoring Pack - Veritas Backup Exec Events monitors specific Veritas Backup Exec Windows Event Log events.

  • Monitoring Pack - Veritas Backup Exec Server monitors key Veritas Backup Exec Server Windows Services.

  • Monitoring Pack - Veritas NetBackup Client monitors key Veritas NetBackup Exec Client Windows Services.

  • Monitoring Pack - Veritas NetBackup Server monitors key Veritas Backup Exec Agent Windows Services.

  • Monitoring Pack - Webroot SecureAnywhere

  • Monitoring Pack - Windows Defender (2016-2019)

  • Monitoring Pack - ZoneAlarm

  • Monitoring Pack - eScan

  • Monitoring Pack - pfSense (SNMP) collects statistics about firewall packet rates, alerts if the number of dropped packets is worrying

  • Monitoring Probe can be used both remotely for monitoring isolated networks and as additional monitoring engines for the NetCrunch server

  • Monitoring Targets allows finding all related monitors in one place and creating a new node if necessary

  • NetApp ONTAP Sensor monitors the health and performance of NetApp storage components

  • NetApp SANtricity Sensor collects various performance metrics and checks e.g. the current status of Storage Polls, Volumes, Controllers, Drives

  • NetCrunch Server Dashboard allows quick access to the current NetCrunch load and health, shows resource utilization history for the last 7 days

  • New MP - Cybernetics iSAN Series Storage (SNMP) alerts when the temperature of the CPU or chassis is high. Informs also about disk, power supply, and array issues

  • Node Traffic view allows data to be presented in a cleaner way and searching through the talker's list

  • Palo Alto Firewall Sensor monitors IPSec site-to-site VPN tunnels configured on the Palo Alto device

  • Physical Segments map can be easily dragged and zoomed at the given point like a normal map

  • Recent section in the Search field containing the last 5 clicked search results

  • Revamped overview dashboard with support for dark mode

  • Revamped top charts with support for dark mode

  • Routing Map could be searched and navigated like other maps

  • Routing map is zoomable and draggable like a regular map

  • SNMP Views brings new engine supported by a monitoring probe. If the node has a writable SNMP profile, you can easily modify the device's SNMP data

  • SSL-related Sensors allow additional root certificates not included by default in the Mozilla certificate package used by NetCrunch

  • SSL-related Sensors allow adding custom certificates to a designated folder

  • Settings tab includes all the settings previously placed in the top menu

  • Status Dashboard brings new tooltips for a quick overview of particular nodes or alerts

  • Tasks tab which is a small utility to track simple tasks with attachments

  • Veeam Backup & Replication Sensor monitors the capacity of backup repositories informs user if the available space in any repository is low

  • Windows Hardware Sensor (partial replacement for the old inventory module) tracks configuration changes and can notify user of a specific change

  • Zoom Account Sensor reads actual configuration settings of Zoom account and monitors changes to the configuration of the Zoom account

  • Zoom Operation Logs Sensor allows accessing the use of Zoom services on one's entire account every day of the month

  • Zoom Plans Usage Sensor monitors usage of Zooms plans

  • Zoom Status Sensor monitors the status of Zoom services

  • Performance views have been removed
  • Inventory View tab - is replaced by Hardware Config node view
  • Removed Routing Map appearance options
  • NetCrunch can't no longer be installed on Windows Server 2012R2 and Windows 8.1
  • Removed 44 outdated Monitoring Packs for deprecated Anti-virus software (including Norton 360, Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8, McAfee Total Protection 2013 etc.)
  • major Service Desk Plus ticket cannot be created for some of the language versions


Version 11.0.12

(January 24, 2022)

12 Fixes
  • critical DB Sensors couldn't connect to Firebird databases using ODBC drivers [RK0035]
  • major Overall stability improvements
  • major Search not working in alerts/history tab
  • major Unable to decode syslog message without RFC header [MD0011]
  • major Atlas options where not saved on service shutdown
  • major Unexpected timeout in Python parsers
  • major Alert for last modified file in Folder sensor not working correctly in a case when many files (1k+) have long names [SP0012]
  • major Range thresholds operator changing after saving alerting rule [RK0034]
  • major Duplication of Flows sources for some devices (e.g. stacked switches) [RK0032]
  • major Alerts for Windows Services not triggered after re-enabling monitoring [TG0011]
  • minor NCDiag zip contained invalid paths
  • minor Localization issues

Version 11.0.11

(November 22, 2021)

8 Fixes
  • major Overall stability improvements
  • major Issue with reading Windows event log file list when node is monitored by local user [SP0009]
  • major Proper handling of path to nonexistent script in Remote SSH Script sensor
  • major HTML element check alerts not working correctly in Web Page sensor
  • major 'Follow redirects' option not working correctly in Web Page sensor
  • major The option for saving alerting message to a file not working correctly in Run Windows Script alerting action [MD0015]
  • major Mitigated occasional problem with ESXi monitors' failing requests with status 500 [MD0016]
  • minor False positive alerts for SNMP Traps when OID received includes OID used in alerting rule

Version 11.0.10

(September 01, 2021)

7 Fixes
  • major Overall stability improvements
  • major Generating alerts for Windows Services with "Manual" startup type
  • major Displaying performance data for database sensors
  • major Script sensor support for special characters in user/password [MD00014]
  • minor Incorrect message for DELL EMC alert on sensor status change
  • minor Freshservice integration incorrect error handling
  • minor SNMP Traps sent in short intervals (1-2s) were received in incorrect order when grouping was enabled [RK0028]

Version 11.0.9

(July 05, 2021)

18 Fixes
  • critical Atlas data deleted when uninstalling the program [TG0006]
  • major Console losing connection when changing NetCrunch settings for an Atlas with many (70K+) alerting rules [RK0026]
  • major Reading counters from NTP server by Time Difference sensor [RK0024]
  • major Support for dynamic counters with multiple instances in Hyper-V/VM monitor
  • major Linux monitor not working correctly with Linux distributions with no netstat
  • major Web Console not working correctly with password protected keys generated with OpenSSL 1.1.1k [RK0025]
  • major Support for the NetCrunch Server and Console located in different time zones
  • major Deleting nodes could cause OS View to freeze
  • major Reading the Windows Event Log list when using a local user [SP0009]
  • major 'Set alert' button not working correctly for SNMP Traps in external messages window
  • major 'Run SSH Script' action not using an updated script [RK0027]
  • minor Reading counters from database when query includes whitespace characters [SP0010]
  • minor Search box missing in node configuration wizard
  • minor Saving multiple monitoring profiles in Credential Manager at once.
  • minor Error handling when ESXi Monitor was added to a node with HTTPS
  • minor Saving changes in alerting rules for Web Messages, in specific scenario
  • minor Some interface names displayed incorrectly on the Node Status / Performance tab
  • minor Missing nodes automatically created for the ESXi/Hyper-V guests in Remote Probe settings

Version 11.0.8

(May 25, 2021)

20 Fixes
  • critical TruVision Recorder sensor not working correctly
  • critical Web Page sensor could stop working after some time [RK0019]
  • critical Run SSH Script action not executing script [RK0023]
  • critical Windows Update and Windows Task Scheduler sensors when many, not working correctly [RK0020]
  • major Connections not fully cleaned after Desktop Console close
  • major Issue with email sending when SMTP server stops responding and remaining connection prevented failover
  • major DisplayName parameter not passed properly to `Run Windows Program` action
  • major Closing floating map window without leaving edit mode first lead to memory corruption of Desktop Console
  • major Apache sensor support for redirections
  • major After update, some of monitoring packs were missing in case of specific licenses [SP0008]
  • major Folder sensor filtering by file mask not working correctly [RK0022]
  • major Adding alerts/collectors to DELL EMC sensor
  • major Issue with collecting counters when multiple sensor of the same type added to the same node [RK0017]
  • major Synchronization issue in NetFlow server causing memory corruption
  • minor Gray rectangles can stay on screen for some time in Web Console nodes view
  • minor CSP rules improving Safari (iOS & Mac OS) connection to NetCrunch Web Server
  • minor Unable to remove template from the node
  • minor Sensors connecting over HTTP/S by using DNS Name not working correctly in specific circumstances [RK0018]
  • minor Web Page sensor support for slowly loading pages [RK0021]
  • minor Empty 'Uptime' column in SNMP tab

Version 11.0.7

(April 22, 2021)

21 Fixes
  • critical Remote probe re-connecting issues [RK0016]
  • critical Possible local system privilege escalation vulnerability [RK0013]
  • critical Folder sensor when checking large folder with millions of files [RK0015]
  • critical Data Parsers/Text Parsing Expressions issues
  • major Alerts for SNMP variable value when no relevant MIB compiled [RK0011]
  • major Missing first collected counter sample after adding sensors or OS monitors counter
  • major Server performance could be degraded by needless checking code
  • major Counters defined by collecting policy where missing when adding first sensor
  • major Missing support for newer versions of UnityOS in DELL EMC sensor
  • major Alerts History tab when Atlas monitoring schedule is changed [MD0012]
  • major WMI Registry Counters sensor was wrongly reading objects from 32 bit registry
  • major Alerting actions executed as root (su) [SP0006]
  • major Processes system view not working correctly for Mac OS nodes
  • major Missing support for new webhook format in MS Teams integration [SP0007]
  • major Loading Windows service list was too long when creating alerting rule
  • minor Incomplete 'Top 10 Nodes Availability' and 'Nodes Summary Map' reports
  • minor Removing objects from Business Status Node
  • minor SFTP file access type not working correctly for small files [RK0014]
  • minor Passing common parameters to the alerting action script [MD0007]
  • minor Syslog message decoding when facility = kernel
  • minor Internal SMTP server now working correctly with Gmail

Version 11.0.6

(February 18, 2021)

10 Fixes
  • major Incorrect values for Windows Performance counters when using WMI connection type [RK0009]
  • major OS Monitors still collecting counters after disabling
  • major Generic Agent not receiving data from cURL request [MD0006]
  • major Updating IPSLA operation settings
  • major IP Tools is working only in desktop console mode
  • minor Incorrect notification about new version available
  • minor Incorrect 'Closed at' value for the active alerts
  • minor Layout issues/typos in the PL/DE/FR language versions
  • minor ESXi Uptime counter [RK0010]
  • minor Custom cookies not used in Web Page sensor [SP0004]

Version 11.0.5

(January 18, 2021)

22 Fixes
  • major System Uptime sensor not working correctly when using WMI
  • major Alert for 'value is missing' [RK0005]
  • major False positive Kaspersky reporting AdRemCefHelper.exe as malware
  • major Monitoring NetCrunch machine windows performance counters
  • major Some reports were empty due to wrong paths
  • major Radius sensor not working correctly after 255 requests [RK0007]
  • major Translation issues in French and German language versions
  • major GrafCrunch update when NetCrunch Server port was changed [TG0002]
  • major Several problems related to monitoring templates
  • major Allow sending email using TLS without authentication
  • minor Possibility to resize Node column in Alerts History [MD0005]
  • minor Missing icon for minor severity alert in notification panel
  • minor Missing data for Windows Disk Performance counters after upgrade [TG0001]
  • minor Premature connection closing in generic agent REST handler
  • minor Missing scrollbar in Action Log [RK0006]
  • minor [Web Console] Sorting by node column in node table was not working
  • minor Missing custom application definitions in Flows, after importing the Atlas
  • minor [RK0006] Missing scrollbar in action log (Event Details window)
  • minor Missing hint for interfaces in expression editor [RK0008]
  • minor Sensor tiles on dashboard missing Sensor Identifier
  • minor Missing grid views in web console
  • minor Wrong Interfaces tile state in multiselection

Version 11.0.4

(December 09, 2020)

19 Fixes
  • major Problems with managing user access rights
  • major Problem with sending reports to the admin user (MD0003)
  • major Missing features for Legacy Licenses which were available in NC10.9 (MD0004)
  • major Problem with Windows Monitor after upgrade from 10.9.3
  • major Filtering by atlas view was not working in the node selection window
  • major Unable to update existing NetCrunch Server instance
  • major Problem with ESXi monitoring when credentials contain special characters (MD0002)
  • minor Logging into NetCrunch console with a password that includes comma (SP0001)
  • minor NetCrunch not accepting underscore character in DNS Names (RK0003)
  • minor Alert for 'Windows Service not running' (RK0002)
  • minor Values form 'Data Center' custom field don't appear in the list in the filtering expression (RK0001)
  • minor Logging into NetCrunch console using DNS Name (MD0001)
  • minor Alerting action using parameter name instead of its value (SP0003)
  • minor Missing SNMP Trap parameter in Event Details and e-mail notification (SP0002)
  • minor Problem with IP tools stopping after a few minutes
  • minor Integration with ServiceDesk Plus server using self-signed SSL certificate
  • minor The wrong browser used to sign in to the licensing portal with Google
  • minor Redundant options in the node context menu appeared after the upgrade
  • minor Nodes tab shows blank on Safari browser

Version 11.0.3

(November 03, 2020)

2 Fixes
  • major Overall stability fixes
  • major Issues with upgrading localized editions data

Version 11.0.2

(October 30, 2020)

25 Features

16 Fixes
New Features & Improvements
  • Event Log Analytics Views Provides a comprehensive view on typical time ranges (24hr, 7 days, and 30 days) providing various summary views.

  • IP Tools for Desktop and Web 12 IP Tools that can be run locally (desktop) or remotely (from NC server or any Remote Probe)

  • Improved Camera Sensor Camera sensor supports now several new alerts such as ` Alert if the camera image could have been tampered`, ` Alert if the camera image differs from the reference image` and alert `On motion detection`

  • Improved DICOM C-ECHO Sensor supports `Calling EA title` and `Called EA title` configuration.

  • Improved Event Log History View New history view offers broad view on alert history (event log) and allows ad hoc analysis providing quick filtering and grouping.

  • Improved Notifications NetCrunch now integrates with Windows 10 notification system offering a much better experience. Notifications are also present in the web console window now.

  • Improved Remote Probe Remote Probe is now capable of monitoring: ESXi, vCenter, Windows, Linux, Mac OS, BSD, Solaris, SNMP Traps, Syslog Messages, Web Messages, Generic Agent Requests, IPSLA, 70+ Sensors, 70+ Networks Services, and over 150 Monitoring Packs

  • Improved Windows Monitoring Windows can be monitored by RPC (remote registry - recommended) or by WMI

  • Monitoring Pack - Basic Windows Authorization Monitoring Generating an alert in case of multiple failed login events happening over a short time, when logon attempt was made with explicit credentials or with special privileges assigned.

  • Monitoring Pack - Basic Windows GPO Monitoring Tracking changes in Group/Domain/Authorization Policies, generating an alert when such an event occurs.

  • Monitoring Pack - Cisco Meraki Cloud Controller (SNMP) Shows a collection of statistics from interfaces. Detects and informs about many important events like rogue DHCP server, client IP conflicts, cable errors, and others

  • Monitoring Pack - HW group - Damocles (SNMP) Shows values gathered from Damocles sensors. It can display information from metrics related to water, gas, electricity, and others.

  • Monitoring Pack - HW group - PWR (SNMP) Designed to monitor external M-Bus meters on HWG-PWR devices

  • Monitoring Pack - HW group - STE (SNMP) Collects values of temperature and humidity from external sensors

  • Monitoring Pack - HW group - STE2 (SNMP) Similar to the 'HW group - STE (SNMP)'. This Monitoring Pack contains a report that allows to display values from temperature and humidity sensors

  • Monitoring Pack - HW group - WLD (SNMP) Reports about water leak detections

  • Monitoring Pack - NVIDIA Quadro GPU Dedicated for NVIDIA Quadro graphic cards. Alerts about high GPU, Memory, and Bus usage. Shows metrics also from Core Clock, Fan Speed, Temperature, and Power Consumption.

  • Monitoring Pack - ZyXel USG Flex (SNMP) Alerts when Memory, Flash, or CPU usage is high. Gathers information from VPN.

  • Notes View See aggregated notes from all nodes of selected Atlas view.

  • Reporting Enhancements New Report Viewer and enhanced reporting capabilities for performance reports

  • Support for timezones Support for NetCrunch server, probes, and console located in different time zones.

  • Unified Trend Viewer which provides same user experience for desktop and web console

  • Update Apache Web Server Monitor supports monitoring of latest Apache servers

  • Web Console Update Includes notification, trend viewer, better grid views, external events and many more...

  • vCenter Monitoring New sensor allows monitoring ESX hosts through vCenter.

  • major Issue with no data for Memory counters on the Nodes with some BSD versions
  • major Issue with Linux Monitor not receiving data from the Nodes with SSSD authentication
  • major Issue with some alerts not being closed properly
  • major Issue with remote connections not being cleared properly
  • major Issue with License file being removed when uninstalling NetCrunch
  • major Issue with possibility to add a Node with incorrect Monitoring Time by API
  • minor Issue with action 'Trigger Webhook' when destination URL uses TLS 1.3
  • minor Layout issue with more than 1k simultaneous Monitoring Issues
  • minor Layout issue with adding alerts/collectors for IP SLA Single Operation in specific scenario
  • minor Issue with IP SLA tags not being displayed in Sensor Test
  • minor Issue with some folders/files not being removed after uninstallation
  • minor Issue with missing icons for Windows Server 2012 R2 and older
  • minor Issue with templates displayed on the Monitor View
  • minor Issue with improperly displayed search bar in System Views for Hyper-V Nodes
  • minor Issue with Event Preview incorrectly displayed in specific case
  • minor Issue with incorrectly displayed Services Status in Event Details
More releases...