Cisco Network Monitoring

NetCrunch monitors various aspects of Cisco-powered networks and supports various technologies such as SNMP, NetFlow, IP SLA, NBAR, VoIP, and Layer 2 mapping. It includes 1200+ pre-compiled Cisco MIB modules.

Cisco Network Mastery with NetCrunch

Cisco plays a crucial role in managing countless networks across the globe. It offers a wide range of solutions such as unified communication, network management, and switch management. NetCrunch takes your Cisco monitoring experience to the next level by combining Cisco's native tools with advanced functionalities that support devices from other vendors. This is because we understand that your network is diverse.

NetCrunch simplifies network management and makes it effortless to monitor thousands of devices. You can oversee your entire network with ease and efficiency thanks to its high-performance capabilities and policy-based management system.

When you choose NetCrunch, you get a partner that helps you maintain the health, performance, and security of your Cisco-powered networks. Our integration with the Cisco ecosystem includes ready-to-use monitoring packs, specialized sensors, and pre-compiled MIBs. This ensures you have all the tools you need for comprehensive Cisco network monitoring.

  • Monitoring Cisco Routers and Switches

    NetCrunch provides pre-compiled MIBs and ready-to-use monitoring packs to monitor your Cisco devices.

    NetCrunch offers specialized monitoring solutions for Cisco routers and switches. Utilizing pre-compiled MIBs and ready-to-use monitoring packs, NetCrunch ensures comprehensive monitoring of your Cisco devices.

    Streamlined Cisco Router Monitoring

    Monitor Cisco routers effectively with SNMP and NetFlow, leveraging NetCrunch's support for NBAR v2 to track application traffic, ensuring stability and security.

    NetCrunch also generates dynamic routing maps, enhancing network visibility and stability.

    Cisco Switch Monitoring

    NetCrunch proactively monitors Cisco switches to identify and address network bottlenecks. It utilizes Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) for in-depth Layer 2 topology mapping, ensuring thorough network management and reliability.

  • Monitoring Packs for Cisco Devices

    NetCrunch provides Monitoring Packs - out-of-the-box monitoring settings for various Cisco devices

    NetCrunch offers a range of specialized Monitoring Packs for efficient Cisco device management, streamlining the creation of monitoring policies through node filters.

    • Hardware Health Checks key components automatically.
    • CPU & Memory Monitors utilization and potential failures.
    • Cisco Nexus Tracks critical device parameters.
    • Quality of Service Provides Cisco CBQoS statistics.
    • ADSL & VPN Reporting Generates detailed ADSL and VPN statistics.
    • UCS & Communications Management Monitors the Unified Computing System and Call Manager status.

    These packs, tailored for Cisco devices, ensure thorough and efficient network monitoring. For a complete list and details, visit NetCrunch Monitoring Packs.

  • Monitoring Cisco IP SLA Operations

    NetCrunch allows you to monitor Cisco IP SLA operations and alert on their status change. This enables you to monitor SLA and quality of service.

    NetCrunch offers comprehensive tracking of Cisco IP SLA operations, ensuring robust monitoring of your network's performance and reliability. This tool is specifically designed to keep tabs on various operation statuses and key performance metrics. Here's what you can achieve with NetCrunch:

    • VOIP Jitter Monitoring NetCrunch enables detailed monitoring of VOIP jitter, which is crucial for maintaining clear and uninterrupted voice communications over IP networks.

    • Support for Multiple Protocols Beyond VOIP jitter, NetCrunch is compatible with a wide range of protocols supported by Cisco switches. This versatility allows for a holistic approach to network monitoring.

    • Real-Time Analytics Receive real-time insights into your network's performance, helping you to identify and address any issues quickly.

    • Customizable Alerts Set up tailored alerts to notify you about specific events or performance thresholds immediately.

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  • Layer 2 Cisco Switch Connection Mapping

    NetCrunch provides the automatic mapping of Layer-2 connections.

    Experience dynamic and insightful network visualization with NetCrunch's Layer 2 topology maps. These maps dynamically evolve with your network, reflecting changes in real-time. Here's what you can expect.

    Automatic Updates NetCrunch topology maps automatically refresh when a new node is added or a port connection changes, ensuring you always have the latest network layout.

    Detailed Device Status Each device on the Layer 2 map is displayed with its current status, offering an at-a-glance view of your network's health.

    Bandwidth Usage Visualization Connections between switches show bandwidth usage, enabling you to identify bottlenecks or underutilized links quickly.

    Enhanced VLAN and Trunk Support NetCrunch's support for VLANs and trunks allows for detailed segmentation and analysis of your network.

    Advanced Protocol Integration Utilizing CDP (Cisco Discovery Protocol) and STP (Spanning Tree Protocol), NetCrunch offers an enriched visual understanding of your network topology.

    Real-Time Traffic Monitoring NetCrunch presents real-time traffic data for selected switch connections, providing immediate insights into network performance and issues.

    Discover the full capabilities of NetCrunch's Layer 2 mapping in our dedicated Layer 2 mapping module.

    @Interface Status

    Leverage the power of NetCrunch for unparalleled visibility into your network infrastructure, making network management more intuitive and effective.

  • Cisco Switch Port Mapping

    NetCrunch allows you to visualize switch connections on graphical maps. You can search through the list of ports in the grid view.

    You can see graphical port maps with Layer 2 visualization.

    NetCrunch also provides a list of all Cisco switch interfaces and also a separate window with a list of ports grouped by VLANs.

    The Interfaces window provides a convenient overview of all connected nodes and their locations. You can easily search through all nodes connected to the switch and view real-time utilization data, as well as a weekly activity chart, which can help you identify patterns and irregularities.

    @Port Mapping

  • Traffic Monitoring with
    NetFlow & Cisco NBARv2

    NetCrunch supports Netflow v5 and v9, and Cisco NBAR v2 for application traffic monitoring.

    NetCrunch traffic analyzer processes flow data from Cisco devices using such popular protocols as IPFix and NetFlow v5 and v9.

    NetCrunch Flow Analyzer supports multiple sources and multiple protocols, also from vendors other than Cisco.

    NetCrunch presents aggregated dashboards for a group of nodes and shows detailed data for every node defined in the Atlas (network database).

    NetCrunch supports NBARv2 application monitoring. For devices that do not include Cisco NBAR, you can create custom application definitions in NetCrunch Flow Analyzer.

    @Flow Dashboard

    Check out Traffic Flow Analyzer Module for more information.

  • Cisco Switch Traffic Monitoring

    Real-time Visualization and Trend Analysis for Every Switch Port

    NetCrunch offers a comprehensive solution for monitoring traffic across each port of your Cisco switches. Our platform is designed to provide real-time visualizations, giving you instant insights into your network's performance.

    Dynamic Layer 2 Mapping

    NetCrunch displays an interactive Layer-2 map, offering real-time traffic data for each switch port. This dynamic mapping enhances your ability to understand and manage your network's topology and performance.

    In-Depth Traffic Analysis

    With just a click on any switch connection, NetCrunch brings detailed real-time traffic information to your fingertips. Understand the nuances of your network's traffic flow at a glance.

    @Traffic info

    Flexible Time-Frame Views: NetCrunch allows you to toggle effortlessly between real-time data and historical trend charts. Choose to view traffic trends over the last 24 hours, 7 days, or even 30 days, enabling you to track long-term patterns and make informed decisions.

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    Dive deeper into our Layer 2 Mapping capabilities and discover how NetCrunch can transform your network monitoring experience.

    Explore Layer 2 Mapping

  • Cisco Config Monitoring with NetCrunch

    Backup and monitor Cisco device configuration

    NetCrunch Config Monitoring offers a comprehensive solution for monitoring Cisco device configurations, an integral part of the broader NetCrunch network monitoring suite. This specialized feature ensures effective management and supervision of Cisco network device configurations.

    1. Integration with NetCrunch Config Monitoring Cisco device configuration monitoring is seamlessly integrated within the NetCrunch Config Monitoring framework, offering a unified platform for network management.

    2. Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts Keep track of configuration changes in real-time across all Cisco devices. Receive instant alerts to stay informed about any critical modifications.

    3. Version Control and Comparison Easily compare different configuration versions for Cisco devices, aiding in effective troubleshooting and ensuring consistency across your network.

    4. Extensive Cisco Device Support NetCrunch offers predefined configuration profiles for various Cisco devices, ensuring detailed and accurate monitoring.

    5. Custom Profile Adaptability Alongside the predefined profiles, NetCrunch allows the creation of custom profiles using YAML, enhancing flexibility for unique Cisco device configurations.

    Predefined Cisco Config Profiles

    • ACSW
    • AireOS
    • ASA
    • AsyncOS
    • CatOS
    • FireLinuxOS
    • IOS
    • IOSXR
    • NGA
    • NXOS
    • SMA
    • SMB (Nikola series)
    • UCS

    Users can create custom profiles for Cisco devices, allowing for a personalized monitoring experience that caters to the specific needs and nuances of their network.

    For more detailed information on creating custom profiles for Cisco devices and to explore the full range of features offered by NetCrunch in network device monitoring, please visit NetCrunch Network Device Monitoring.

    NetCrunch's Cisco device configuration monitoring is an essential tool for network administrators focusing on Cisco environments, delivering a robust, efficient, and comprehensive solution for maintaining optimal network performance and security.

  • Cisco CBQoS Monitoring with NetCrunch

    Monitor Cisco CBQoS (Class-Based Quality of Service) for QoS statistics.

    NetCrunch offers efficient Cisco CBQoS (Class-Based Quality of Service) monitoring, utilizing SNMP to provide crucial QoS statistics. This feature is key for analyzing traffic classes on your network, aiding administrators in making informed QoS policy decisions.

    Key Monitoring Areas

    • ClassMap Statistics Insights into traffic class management.
    • Match Statement Statistics Data on traffic identification and categorization.
    • Queueing Action Statistics Information on traffic queuing and handling.

    Essential Alerts and Reports

    • Default Alerts Includes notifications for Authentication Errors and Request Timeouts.
    • Default Reports Features a comprehensive Class Map Statistics Report for analyzing traffic within each class map.

    NetCrunch's Cisco CBQoS monitoring is a vital tool for enhancing network performance through informed QoS policy management.

NetCrunch for Cisco Devices

Elevate your Cisco network management with NetCrunch. Our Cisco Monitoring solution offers precision, reliability, and ease, tailored for the complexities of Cisco devices. Trust NetCrunch for an unparalleled Cisco monitoring experience.

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NetCrunch is a beacon of innovation, seamlessly blending robust functionality with user-friendly design. Whether real-time analytics, customizable dashboards, or comprehensive coverage across your network, NetCrunch is the future of monitoring, available today.

Embrace the ease, the power, and the future – with NetCrunch, the last monitoring solution you'll ever need.

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